Friday, July 30, 2010

Ana Raffali continued... lgu yg aku plg mnt skali..tjuk die Tolong Ingatkan Aku by Ana Raffali..
Live at UniSZA

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ana Raffali at UniSZA!

Bg sesape yg xknal Ana Raffali,meh aku nk knalkn..
tp yg aku tau je la..
first time aku tgk die perform kat TV3 or TV1..aku xigt yg mne stu..yg aku tau, pg..
trus aku mnt die,wlau hkikatnye aku ni xpnah mnt pon artis mlaysia yg len slen Disagree n die je la..
aku mnt die sbb die ade style..
die cme perform ngn pkai bju kurung or bju kebaya je.. serta bermain gitar..haha
style siot..
cte nye,ari tu die dtg u aku..n mmg t'baek..xpnah2 aku nk tgk artis buat show,tp die bwat aku siap tgu lg,wlaupun seblum show die tu de p'sembahan dikir barat yg teramat la boring..
n aku still tgu smpai show die abih,wlaupun hujan renyai2 time tu..
haha..mmg best la..
hasilnye,aku trus bli cd die n dpt la poster die skali..haha..tenkiu Ana Raffali..
gmba yg rmai2 tu ngn gitarist die,aidit alfian..huhu

Monday, July 26, 2010

English Drama Script < back to matrix!

Tiltle : already forgotten..haha
Actors n Actress :
Franky : Jerul
Sanji : ME
Salmah : Syida
Lulu : Mona
Mr Honeydew : Nazlemin
(things brick back memories isn't it?)=>

Scene 1
Salmah is a village girl. After the SPM result announced, she get on offer from Hogwart University. As a student, by all mean she wants to further her study at the best university. Then she decided to go there. On the registration day at the university, Salmah was given a room for three people. On her way to room 38/2A, she bumped into Lulu, which will be her roommate.
Salmah: Excuse me, do you know where the room 38/2A?
Lulu : 38/2A? I also want to go there. You have got that room too?
Salmah: Yes.
Lulu : So, you are my roommate. What’s your name? My name is lulu.
Salmah: I’m Salmah. Where were you come from?
Lulu : I come from Kuala Lumpur.
Salmah: Oh, I come from Perlis.
In the middle of their way.
Franky: Hi sweetie, are you one of the gorgeous new students here?
Lulu : Yes, but sorry, we’re in hurry.
Franky: See you again, tata..
Salmah: He’s so cute. I wonder who he is…
Lulu : Are you nuts? He’s looking like a bad guy.
Salmah: Lulu, we can’t judge a book by its cover right?
Lulu : Yeah, maybe.
Salmah: Ah, there is our room.
At Franky’s place.
Franky: bro, just now I’ve meet with some of the new student here.
Sanji : so, how was them?
Franky: Haha.. Common dude, how should I explain it all to you? There are a lot of new student here.
Sanji : Haha.. You got the point bro.
Franky: you better see the m before it is too late.
Sanji : Ok dude. Let’s go to our port.

Scene 2
After the orientation weeks,every student were busy with their study as the first exam was about a step after their oriented. So do Lulu and Salmah, as the preparation, they form a study group. One night, they decided to do some research at the library. After a few hours,..
Lulu : Salmah, let’s go back to our hostel now.
Salmah: I think I have to stay a bit longer. There are some works that I have to finish tonight.
Lulu : Ok then, I’ll go back first.
Salmah: Ok, take care dear.
A few minutes later..
Franky: Hi beautiful lady. Are you alone? Want a companion?
Salmah: Eh, you are the guy that I’ve met before right?
Franky: How sweet, you remembered me? So, can I have a seat?
Salmah: Sure, but I have some work to finish right now.
Franky: It’s ok. I can help you. But, can I know your name?
Salmah: Oh, I’m Salmah. You?
Franky: You can call me Franky.
Salmah: Franky? So sweet.
Franky: Salmah, can I call you Sally?
Salmah: I think that’s quite ok for me.
Sanji : Hey bro, how about me?
Franky: Oh, before I forgot, this is my best friend ever, Sanji.
Salmah: Hello Sanji, nice to meet you.
Franky: Sanji, can you leave me alone with Sally. (She is mine) whisper.
Sanji : Huh, fine.
Salmah: What’s with him? Is anything wrong?
Franky: No, he just very hungry, he can even eat a horse and can’t wait for me.
Salmah: Haha, why don’t you go with him?
Franky: it’s okay, he is a big boy. He can take care of himself.
Salmah: Haha, ok then. You’re very funny.
Franky: so, let’s go back to your work or else you can’t finish it now.

Scene 3
One week before their examination, Salmah busy with herself, she put on the best cloth she had. Lulu and Lala wondering where she wants to go.
Salmah: Lulu, lala, let’s enjoy! This is weekending right?
Lulu : Salmah, we have an exam next week. Why don’t you study?
Lala : that’s right, Salmah! Come on, let’s join us studying.
Salmah: ah, you guys so boring! I want to hang out with Franky and Sanji.
Lulu : you want to go with them? Can you buy them? You’re not Salmah that I’ve known before. change a lot.
Salmah: You too Lulu. Lulu that I’ve known before was an enjoyable person.
Lala : at least she changed to become more responsible to herself. Not like you.
Salmah: whatever!
Lala : ignore her lulu, let’s study.
*Salmah, Franky and Sanji are at outside their hostel.
Salmah: Franky,Sanji, sory I’m late.
Franky: its okay, but we better hurry, the ticket are about to sold out.
Sanji : forget it, it’s already sold out. I’ve checked.
Franky: oh man!!
Sanji : I have an idea. Let’s go to the pub.
Franky: since when you started thinking Sanji? Haha.. Sally, let’s go to the pub.
Salmah: pub? But I never had been there before.
Franky: its okay, you’re with us.
*in the pub.
Sanji : franky, I think I know that man.
Franky: which one?
Sanji : the one beside the first table.
Franky: that’s Luffy right?
Sanji : there he come..
Luffy : so, you’re franky right?
Salmah: franky, who is this man?
Sanji : one of our college students.
Salmah: oh, I see.
Franky: sanji, can you take us some drink? Take Sally with you. I have something to discuss with this guy.
Sanji : come on Sally.
Luffy : you better get away from her.
Franky: are you blind? She’s with me.
Luffy : I’ll make sure you never get her.
Franky: haha.. bye Mr. Luffy.

Scene 4
Once Salmah have changed a lot, Lulu and Lala try their best to help their friend. They decided to meet with the counselor at their university.
Lala : I think we should ask Mr. Honeydew for help.
Lulu : yes of course. Why I never think of that?
Lala : because you were so concerned about Salmah.
Lulu : I am?
Lala : this is his office.
Lulu : is anybody there?
Mr. Honeydew: come in. can I help you?
Lulu : you’re this college counselor right?
Mr. Honeydew: yes.
Lulu : I want to discuss about my roommate.
Mr. Honeydew: what’s wrong with her?
Lulu : the first time I meet her, she was a very nice person.
Lala : yes, but now she’s totally changed as she influenced by her new friend, Franky and Sanji.
Mr. Honeydew: those kids? I also heard many bad things about them.
Lulu : she’s now become a very immoral person. I hope you can help us to make sure that she can be like herself back.
Mr. Honeydew: don’t worry. I know what to do.

Scene 5
While waiting at the bus stop alone, Salmah was approached by Luffy. Luffy ask Salmah to go date with him but Salmah refused. Luffy black-mail her that if she don’t want to go, he will do something to Franky. Without thinking, Salmah accepted that date.
Franky: who’s this?
Luffy : haha, I told you that I’ll make sure you’ll never get her.
Franky: what are you talking about?
Luffy : come to the Petaling Street and I’ll teach you how to be a man.
Franky: sanji, I’ll go to the Petaling Street to rescue Salmah.
Sanji : I’ll go with you.
Franky: no, you stay here.
Sanji : hello, it’s that lulu?
Lulu : yes, who’s talking?
Sanji : I’m sanji, Sally had been kidnapped by Luffy and Franky had gone to Petaling Street to rescue her.
Lulu : ok, I’ll be there.
*while at the Petaling Street, Franky arrived with anger on his eyes.
Franky: let her go or I will crush you into pieces!
Luffy : haha, who win will get her.
*franky and luffy started to rib each other. At the same time, lulu and Lala arrived.
Lulu : are you alright?
Salamh: please help me. I’m scared.
Lulu : I told you not to befriending with them.

Scene 6
After that incident, Salmah feel so depressed. Lulu and Lala try to help her and cheering her up. They decided to bring Salmah to meet with the counselor.
Lulu : salmah, don’t be so depressed. I’ll bring you to the counselor.
Lala : yeah,I think you should go and see him.
Salmah : ok, I’ll follow you.
*the three of them go to Mr. Honeydew office.
Mr. Honeydew: come in. oh, it’s you. It’s that your roommate that you’re talking about?
Lulu : yup sir!
Mr. Honeydew: I’ve heard that you’ve been kidnapped by Luffy. Is that true?
Salmah: yes sir.
Mr. Honeydew: I think you should hear to your friend. Their always being worried about you. They often told me about you. Look what happen to you, if they don’t make it in time, who knows what will happen to you afterwards.
Salmah : I know that’s all my mistakes and I really regret it.
Mr. Honeydew: now tell you what is your problem?
Salmah : Actually, I came from countryside. My family was very poor. My parents can’t give me enough money. So, in order to get supported, I befriend with Franky because he is very kind to me and always support me. I never know that he is a punk like that.
Mr. Honeydew: why don’t you tell me or the university? We will help you in addition, you’re our students. If you don’t have enough money, you can make a loan or you can apply for a scholarship. You are good students, I’ve checked the result of your quiz, and you are quite impressing. You are a big girl now. You should be independent.
Salmah : thank you sir.
Mr. Honeydew: no, you should thank to your friend and apologize to them too.
Salmah : sorry my friends, and thank you. Thank god that I have a friend like both of you.
Lulu : it’s ok Salmah. We’ll always be with you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ble nk rye???

raye2..npe la aku rse lmbt sgt nk rye ni..
dok kat sni bkn best pon..tmbh lak membe bek aku nk benti da..die nk keje ngn penang bridge..
kang nk men ragbi pon xbest da..wlaupun jd kapten,tp aku ttp rse xbest sbb membe aku ni nk blah da khamis ni..
xpela,tu kputusan die..msg2 de hala tuju sndri..
pe2 pon,smoga berjaye dlm hidup ye Encik muhammad ikhwan..
de mse kte jmp lg..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Route to Terengganu!

akhirnye,aku telah kembali ke tanah terengganu nih..
akan bermula episod kehidupan yg amat membosankan..
tp xpela,tgl 2 taun stgh je..xlme pon..pjam celik mst da abih..haha
slamat tgl kwn2,cti sem dpn kte jmp mid sem pun,kte g rye ramei2 k..huhu
haa,gmba2 tu kat tgh jln,ats bukit dr gerik ke jeli,ktrg t'pkse benti,bkn sng nk benti kat ats bukit tu,salunye terus je..
ni sbb ade srg ahli konvoi ktrg,tayar t'pkse la..
tgh tgu tu,amik la gmba..kngn kononnye..
so,pe2 pun,slamt kembali ke universiti krg masing2..
yg mne bru blek uma tu,krg mmg la..lmbt..haha..
jgn trase ek mmg nk bg trase pon..sket2 je..gurau2..slm..

seblum t'lpe,ni kos aku :
mkn mnum : RM 6.10
minyak : RM17.50
total : RM 23.60

kos nek bas :
tiket : RM50.00
mkn mnum : min RM 3.00
total : RM53.00

total save :
RM53.00 - RM23.60

gle byk tu..haha..untung kot..
so,pk2 kan la..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

McDonalds Food - The Truth

kepada sesape yg mnt kat mknn mcd,sle la tgk video nih..
trutame kpd pem..haha..
tapi bg aku cam xde pe2 je..sbb experimen ni xpkai agen p'hadaman cam kat dlm bdn kite yg ade enzim ngn saliva..

this experiment is conducted by ignoring the digest agent in our stomach.
so,think about it by yourself.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mizz Nina feat.Colby O'Donis - What you waiting for [ Official Music Vid...

aku bru tau pompuan ni org mlayu..haha
xtau nk ckp pe..krg pk2 kn la k..
kalo skang cmni,time ank2 kte nnt cmne ek?
tp lgu nih brst la gak..haha

Mizz Nina feat.Colby O'Donis - What you waiting for